Barcelona, Spain - Tourist Information

Travel Information - Barcelona
Location AddressBarcelona, Spain
Local CurrencyEUR - Euro
Currency Exchange1 USD = 0.92 EUR, 1 GBP = 1.19 EUR, 100 JPY = 0.83 EUR
Telephone Code+34
Local Time
Local DateFeb 22, 2020
Time ZoneEurope/Madrid - GMT+01:00
Country CodeES
Country NameSpain
Sunrise07:36 AM
Sunset06:33 PM

Know some of the important tourist information for travelers who plan a trip for Barcelona. The tourist location Barcelona is a part of Catalonia, Spain. Its local currency is Euro (EUR), international telephone (ISD) code is +34, local date is , timezone is Europe/Madrid (GMT+01:00), sunrise time is 07:36 AM, sunset time is 06:33 PM and this travel destination is exactly located at the latitude 41.3850639 & longitude 2.1734035. For more details on tourist information for Barcelona, refer the above location map and associated information in the table alongside.

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