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What is my current location? - shows some of the important tourist information such as what currency is being used, exact location on Google map, address, local currency exchange rates, country name, country code, ZIP code, telephone ISD code, time zone, time & date today, morning sunrise time, evening sunset time, longitude and latitude details for your current place.

To list what is your current location? & associated details, this web application requires your location permission of your device or computer but all of your information is completely private and it doesn’t store any of your personal information into our database. Further, all the information transmitted from your browser to the server & vice versa is on SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) connection only.

Tourist Information Search for any Desired Location

Similarly, users can check what is the name of currency, today currency exchange rate, ISD code, time zone, country name, country code, local time, sunrise time, sunset time & more details for any other desired location, tourist place or travel attraction of your choice in this World.

Search for your location of interest or tourist attraction to know the important traveler information such as name of currency, today currency exchange rate, telephone ISD code, time zone, country name & much more. Users can share such tourist information for a particular latitude & longitude to any other person by using the social media websites.

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